Suggested San Francisco Bike Rides

San Francisco is incredibly bike friendly, and there are all kinds of neighborhoods, parks, beaches, museums, and historic areas to explore. Below are some of our favorite bike routes through the city. Of course, we can always offer more options in person!

Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach – 5.8 miles


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A classic! You’ll get to ride the all-important “Wiggle” bicycle route through the Victorian neighborhood of Lower Haight, then cruise through the Panhandle and Golden Gate Park all the way to the beach. You’ll love riding through the park–there’s plenty of stops to make. And you can treat yourself to a nice meal and beverage at the Beach Chalet, located where park meets beach.

Golden Gate Bridge and Sausalito – 10.8 miles


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Probably the most famous bicycle ride in San Francisco, this one is easy to do on your own. You’ll pass through a some unique SF neighborhoods before entering Golden Gate Park and heading north to the Presidio. Catch some epic views in the Presidio before biking over the Golden Gate Bridge and down the hill into the quaint, bayside town of Sausalito. Sip an espresso and soak in the views. You can then ride back over the bridge into SF (note: it’s uphill back to the bridge) or catch the Sausalito ferry back to the city (click here for ferry schedule). If you catch the ferry, it’s an easy 20-minute ride back to Hayes Valley, where you can treat yourself to beer, ice cream, coffee, or an amazing dinner.

City Loop – 19.6 miles

City Loop map

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You want an all day itinerary within the city limits? Here it is: The City Loop takes you cycling through the most vibrant neighborhoods as well as along the beautiful views of the Bay waterfront. You’ll go through parks and cool commercial districts, see the best views in the city, and have the chance to eat the food the locals love. This is an epic first day in San Francisco. After this ride, you will have certainly earned your post-ride ice cream and beer.

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