Complete Bike Package Lease

Our bike lease program falls somewhere between a bike rental and bike purchase. You get the best of both worlds:

  • 3- and 6-month options
  • A complete bike package: Public 7-speed bike, helmet, lock, map, and lights
  • Our expertise in choosing bike size and equipment
  • Custom San Francisco bike map and commuting consultation on the best ways to get around the city
  • Monthly maintenance check (by appt.)
  • Help anytime the bike needs immediate tuning: low tires, brake adjustment, etc.
  • 50% off a SoSF Bike Tour
  • red Pubic City Bike

    A Public V7 7-speed commuter, upgraded

  • Public V7 with basket and grip rings

    A leased bike come with basket and colorful grips, as well as other commuter accessories.

  • side profile of Specialized Secteur rental bike

    A Public C7 7-speed with “step thru” frame

Term Includes Monthly Rate End-of-Term Bike Purchase Price End-of-Term Accessories Purchase Price
3-Month Upgraded bike with basket & bell, lock, helmet, lights, map $100 $375 $75
6-Month Upgraded bike with basket & bell, lock, helmet, lights, map $75 $325 $50

Your Bike – Upgraded

We upgrade your bike so that you’re ready for trouble-free commutes:

  • puncture resistant tires
  • Spurcycle “GripRings”
  • Front basket
  • Bell

Our Expertise

We pick out the correctly sized bike, helmet, lock, and lights for you. We explain how to use the bike and give you an overview of the best bike routes through San Francisco. We can even design the perfect commuting route for you. Worried about the hills? We know the ways around them.

After Your Lease

You can simply hand the equipment back to us or buy your complete bike package for a pre-determined price.

Lease Rules

  • Early lease termination fees apply
  • Lessor is responsible for damage to equipment and/or theft
  • Automatic monthly payments required

Questions? Please contact us.

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